Have Rachel Speak

Need a dynamic and relatable speaker for an event or workshop? Rachel speaks to audiences of all ages, and covers a wide range of topics including:

  • Body Image and Self-Care
  • Maximizing your talents to reach your potential
  • Accountability in relationships
  • Becoming a Love and Logic Parent
  • Kids and Chores – the genius correlation between accomplishment and self-esteem
  • Build and defend your boundaries – how to protect yourself and others through basic boundary setting
  • Preschool Power – How to help your preschooler gain independence and obedience
  • The Hair Project – Self discovery and empowerment

Spiritual/religious topics include:

  • Building a relationship with God
  • Faith – the simplest and hardest principle of the gospel
  • Teaching children about seeking Christ
  • Answering questions, facing doubts

If you’d like Rachel to speak with your group or organization, contact her here.