Amazon Launch

It’s finally here! Launch day on Amazon. Dear Girls is now available for Purchase. Let me tell you why you might want to buy this book.

Dear Girls is all about body image. It is written for girls age 12 and up. It is about one girl’s journey from body hatred and eating disorders to health and healing. It is a message of hope, of health, of forgiveness, of self-care and empowerment. This is a message our daughters (and maybe even we as mothers) need. Dear Girls is written in the form of letters, and though names of people and places were changed to protect privacy, the events described in this work are true.

I wanted to be honest and real with people about the dangers of certain ways we think of ourselves and others. I wanted to talk about competing and comparing, and how damaging that can be. Most of all, I wanted my girls to know that the key to unlocking their power and potential in this world (and they will be powerful) is to look past how they look, and see what they can give. What we look like is barely a part of who we are, and once we realize that and focus on who we are and what we can do, all kinds of opportunities open up for us. I know, because I’m experiencing it now. Please pin this to your “Books” board, please pass this on to neighbors and friends. I believe in this message, and I know you all know people who might need to be reminded of it right now. Thank you so much for your help and support. I’d love your comments!



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